Dorset Unlocked

A community created interactive map of special places in Dorset for Nature and Heritage

How you can get involved

Join in and share where you enjoy nature or heritage. Simply send a photo and a few words saying where it is and what it makes you think or feel.

Send your entry to DorsetUnlocked.@gmail.com. Alternatively just use our short Google Form.

Feel free to add a place or thing already on the map as every experience is different.

Choose if you wish your name added to your entry or prefer to contribute anonymously.

See our blog for more information and ways to share your thoughts.

Dorset Unlocked is an interactive map being created in a community project led by volunteer staff and students at Bournemouth University. We are pleased to collaborate with the National Trust, BCP at Hengistbury Head and everyone in Dorset who wishes to contribute to our interactive map.

Our aim is to share why we think Dorset is special and to encourage us all to explore, enjoy and value the benefits of connecting with nature and heritage.

We welcome you to explore our map and join in with co-creating the Dorset Unlocked map – made by everyone for everyone in Dorset.